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Figure 16.57 The default results
after applying Shatter.
starting on frame 1 (frame 0 is left alone). We'll look at how to
delay the explosion in just a moment (Fig. 16.58).
Figure 16.58 The exploding
To wholly understand the power of this effect, go down to
the Camera Position area, and adjust the Y Rotation value to
60 degrees. Now you can see that Shatter is actually making
your layer three dimensional, which means that the blocks that it
shatters are also 3D (Fig. 16.59). Oooooooooh. . . .
Let's now go back to the View drop down at the top, and change
this value from Rendered back to Wireframe + Forces (Fig. 16.60).
Understanding this mess is critical to mastering the Shatter
effect. That big blue wire frame sphere that you're seeing is the
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