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I've used to create a zooming starfi eld effect. Radial Blur and
Glow have been added to enhance the effect (Fig. 16.52).
Figure 16.52 The Repel Starfi eld
As I mentioned, I really don't use Particle Playground all that
much. But when I do use it, I'm usually after the Wall proper-
ties. They allow you to create a mask on the layer and use it to
defl ect particles. It is so easy to set up and use to create spectac-
ular results, such as those you see in comp #6, Wall Tornado. In
this comp, I've created a tornado-shaped mask. Then, I change
the Wall>Boundary value to the mask I created. Once you do that
simple step, the particles bounce off the sides of the mask, and in
this case, create a really cool swirling effect. Note that the mask
must be on the same layer that Particle Playground is applied for
the effect to see and use it (Fig. 16.53).
Figure 16.53 The Wall Tornado
comp, with the mask active.
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