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Figure 16.47 How to turn on
the various particle generators in
Particle Playground.
it renders too slow for my liking. I added the Cannon emitter with
a fairly high Barrel Radius value (25) to create a pale splash at the
top of the waterfall. It's subtle, but it adds a nice touch. I fi nished
off the results by applying the Fast Blur effect with a Blurriness
setting of 2.5. Fast Blur does a great job smoothing out the
squares generated by Particle Playground (Fig. 16.48).
Figure 16.48 The Grid Waterfall
Now let's move into more advanced territory. Go to comp
#4—Layer Exploder Fizz to get an idea of what the Layer Exploder
can do, as well as to use controller layers with this effect. We're
going to use the Layer Exploder to dissolve this text like it was
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