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Figure 16.45 The Grid emitter
with 10 particles across and
down, and the Width and Height
values each set to 650.
So, how do you turn these emitters on and off? I've created a
handy chart for you in the #2 comp—Particle ON/OFF Rules.
These contain cheat sheets on how to handle the various Particle
Playground emitters (Figs. 16.46 and 16.47).
Now that we have enough knowledge to be dangerous, let's
look at some more practical examples as we dig deeper into
Particle Playground. Switch over to the third composition—Grid
Waterfall. This comp contains a simple waterfall I created using
the default square particle in Particle Playground. Here, I use
both the Cannon and Grid emitters. The Grid emitter is creating
the actual waterfall. I've set the Particles Down value to 1 so that
there is only a single grid line creating these particles. Even then,
Figure 16.46 How to turn off
the various particle generators in
Particle Playground.
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