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Controls panel. First off, let's adjust the Direction value so it's
easier to see our adjustments. I'm going to move this value to 30
degrees, which shoots particles out to the right (Fig. 16.41).
Figure 16.41 Taking the Direction
value to 30 degrees shoots out
particles to the right.
The Barrel Radius value increases the size of the imaginary
barrel shooting out these particles. This is helpful when creating
things like a waterfall that have a wider source than just a single
point (Fig. 16.42).
Figure 16.42 The results after
increasing the Barrel Radius
value to 40.
Note that the Barrel Radius is much different than the Particle
Radius, which increases the size of each particle. Here I took the
Particle Radius value up to 11 (Fig. 16.43).
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