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The Particle Playground effect creates particles using one or
more particle generators. There are four particle generators in
Particle Playground, and they can be seen as the top four cat-
egories of properties at the top of the Particle Playground effect
in the Effect Controls panel—Cannon, Grid, Layer Exploder, and
Particle Exploder. By default, only one generator is turned on, but
you can have as many of them simultaneously generating parti-
cles as you want (Fig. 16.40).
Figure 16.40 The categories
of effects in the Particle
Playground effect.
Let's look fi rst at some simple examples as we get acquainted
with the particle generators. Then, we'll look at the more practi-
cal examples in the other compositions in this project.
In short, the Cannon emits particles from a single point, and
it is the default emitter. All others are turned off. Like all emit-
ters in Particle Playground, it can emit several different types
of particles. It can emit the simple particles created in Particle
Playground, it can emit other layers, and it can emit text (which
the Grid particle generator can also do). We'll look at how to use
each of these as we go through this section.
For now, we'll stick to Cannon to go over some Particle
Playground basics. Open up the Cannon area in the Effect
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