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Figure 16.38 The Making
Sparkles composition, at frame
Open up the Particle Playground.aep project from the Chapter 16
folder of the exercise fi les. This is by far the largest and most com-
plex project we will look at in this entire book. Because there are a
whopping seven compositions, I've numbered them for you. We'll
start with the number 1 composition, Particle Playground Intro.
This comp consists of a simple solid with the Particle Playground
effect applied to it. Particle Playground autoanimates, so preview
the composition to see its default particle fountain-style settings
(Fig. 16.39 ).
Figure 16.39 The Particle
Playground Intro comp,
at 0;00;03;24.
For now, don't worry that this looks like an old Atari game that
has exploded. Remember that we can replace these little squares
with whatever we want later on.
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