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like the audio equivalent of opacity. To lower the volume of an
applied effect, reduce the Wet Out property, if there is one.
If you've applied an audio effect (such as Backwards) that
doesn't have such controls, you can duplicate the audio track
and apply the effect to the duplicate, and then balance the
Audio Levels property of both layers to achieve the desired bal-
ance. If you're applying this effect to the audio on a layer with
video, you can duplicate the layer and turn off the visibility of
the duplicate.
Left and Right Stereo Channels
Another audio attribute that consistently comes up is that of
stereo audio. This refers to audio played in the left channel (or
speaker) and in the right channel (or speaker). When an audio
clip plays back the exact same audio in both ears, the clip is said
to be mono. Most elements in musical recording have some
degree of panning applied. Panning is the process of spreading
out a sound between the left and right channels. Each instrument
can be completely in the left or right channel, can be perfectly
mixed between them, or can be panned to be in one chan-
nel more than the others. Having a good stereo mix gives audio
tracks a greater degree of realism, as objects in the real world cre-
ate sounds all around us.
The Backwards Effect
The Backwards effect causes audio tracks to be played back-
wards. This has the similar sound to grabbing a longplay record
that is playing, and manually dragging it backwards. This is great
for sound effects. Audio clips of snare drums or cymbal crashes
with the Backwards effect applied create sweeping swooshes
that are great accents for motion graphic elements. There are no
properties for the Backwards effect, other than to select Swap
Channels, which trades the left channel for the right channel.
The Bass & Treble Effect
The Bass & Treble effect is another very simple audio effect.
There are only two parameters: Bass and Treble. You can increase
or reduce the volume of low tones using the Bass property.
Independently, you can also increase or reduce the volume of
high tones using the Treble property. The Parametric EQ effect in
this category gives you much more control, but if you're new to
working with audio, this effect may be simple enough for you to
make the adjustments you need.
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