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Create a lighter bubble (and a grosser one) by using the Spit
texture (Fig. 16.31).
Or, perhaps, to Algae (Fig. 16.32 ).
Figure 16.31 With the Bubble
Texture value changed to Spit.
Figure 16.32 With the Bubble
Texture value changed to Algae.
You can also usually get a better composite by adding a slight
refl ection to the bubbles. To do this, you fi rst need to select the
layer that the bubbles will refl ect. In the Environment Map drop
down (still in the Rendering area), change the value to the kid in the
tub layer. Then, to add refl ections from this layer to the bubbles,
increase the Refl ection Strength value. Here, I used a Refl ection
Strength value of 0.6 with the Spit Bubble Texture (Fig. 16.33).
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