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Figure 16.29 Lowering the
Bubbles>Size value reduces the
size of the foam.
generated in one direction (the Initial values), and then have them
acted upon by a secondary force (the Wind values). I love that.
Towards the bottom of the effect, you'll see a Flow Map area.
This section allows you to use a gradient layer to control how the
bubbles fl ow. A fl ow map can restrict bubbles from going to cer-
tain areas. For more information on using maps to control effect
properties, check out Chapter 23.
Pound for pound, the Rendering settings are perhaps the most
important in the Foam effect. These parameters determine what
the bubbles will look like. From the Rendering>Bubble Texture
drop down, change the value from Default Bubble to Amber Bock
for example (Fig. 16.30).
Figure 16.30 With the Bubble
Texture value changed to
Amber Bock.
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