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Apply the Caustics effect to the Cyan Solid 2 layer. Change
the Bottom layer to None. Change the Water Surface drop down
to Chocolate Goodness. Because chocolate isn't really transpar-
ent, increase the Surface Opacity value to 1, which will make
the surface completely opaque. Then change the Surface Color
from blue to a chocolaty brown. I used the RGB values 60, 30, 0
(Fig. 16.23 ).
Figure 16.23 After only adjusting
a few settings, we turned
water to chocolate. There's a
movie reference joke in there
somewhere. Or, perhaps a
religious one.
The Wave World effect sometimes creates these ugly artifacts
around sharp edges. These are causing some rough edges that
should be oily smooth. Increase the Smoothing value to 10 to
achieve our fi nal delicious result. Again, you must play this back
to appreciate how truly chocolaty and organic this looks (Fig.
16.24 ).
Figure 16.24 The fi nal chocolate
result, after increasing the
Smoothing value.
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