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increase the Convergence value. I'll set mine to 2. To truly
appreciate the beauty of the result here, you must play back this
animation. A still frame doesn't quite do justice to the quality of
this effect (Fig. 16.21).
Figure 16.21 After altering the
Intensity and Convergence values.
With that out of the way, we're ready to proceed to dessert.
Hop over to the Chocolate Caustics comp. This comp contains a
similar bluish solid, but the animated displacement map is very
different. The Chocolate Goodness layer is another pattern cre-
ated with the Wave World effect. Again, you must play this back to
wholly appreciate this, but it contains the text CHOCOLATE with
ripples of liquid fl owing over it. We're going to use this to make us
some chocolate (Fig. 16.22).
Figure 16.22 The Chocolate
Goodness displacement layer.
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