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After increasing the Caustics Strength value, you may want to
also increase the Smoothing value to smooth out some of the ugly
details (Fig. 16.19).
Figure 16.19 The result of
increasing the smoothing
value to 7.5.
You can now adjust the Wave Height, Water Depth, and Refractive
Index properties until you get the wave you're looking for.
Now let's see what adding a sky looks like. In the Sky area,
change the Sky drop down to the Seattle Sunset layer. Change the If
Layer Size Differs drop down to Stretch to Fit, as the Seattle Sunset
layer is considerably larger than this solid (Fig. 16.20).
You can decrease the opacity of the sky by lowering the
Intensity value. I'm going to take my Intensity value to 0.15. If you
want to increase the amount of distortion in the sky refl ection,
Figure 16.20 After adding the
Seattle Sunset layer as the sky.
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