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The audio effects are meant to be applied to layers with audio.
The exception to this is the Tone effect, which actually creates
audio and can be applied to any layer, even a solid. There is a
smattering of audio tracks included in the Audio folder in the
Media folder of the exercise fi les, if you'd like some practice with
these effects. There are a few concepts that are common to many
of these effects, so let's look at them briefl y before we proceed.
Keep in mind that these audio features are not extremely power-
ful. If you're looking for a more professional audio editing envi-
ronment, you'll want to use a program like Adobe Soundbooth or
Adobe Audition.
Treble, Bass, and EQ
Audio is created by audio waves at different frequencies. Some
of them are low in pitch, like Barry White talking or the pound-
ing of a large, deep drum. These are referred to as bass tones.
Some of them are high in pitch, like little children singing or the
shrill violin notes from the shower scene in Psycho. These tones
are generically referred to as treble tones. The range of tones
between treble and bass is often referred to as the mids, short for
the middle of the range.
Previewing Audio
Remember that
you can't preview
audio by hitting
the spacebar key. If you
want to preview video
and audio, do a RAM
preview by pressing 0 on
the numeric keypad. Or,
if you just want to preview
audio only, you can hit
the period key on the
numeric keypad. If you're
on a laptop, you can still
usually access numeric
keypad keys by the use of
a function key.
Dry and Wet Out
When applying an audio effect to a piece of audio, it's common
to use the analogy that we are wetting it; soaking it in effects. So,
the audio track on its own is said to be dry. Most audio effects,
including several in After Effects, allow you to balance the fi nal
mix between the original audio signal and the audio signal with
the effect applied. The original audio signal coming out of the
effect is referred to as the Dry Out, and the effected audio signal
coming out of the effect is referred to as Wet Out. Think of this
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