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going to enhance the illusion of deeper water by increasing the
opacity of the water. Increase the Water>Surface Opacity value to
0.8, which means that it will be 80% opaque. This makes it seem
like the water is deeper because there is more water between the
surface and the bottom (Fig. 16.16).
Now, the bottom is looking good, but then the water is too
vibrant. Unless radioactivity is involved, water usually isn't that
intensely blue. So, I'm going to change the Surface Color of the
water to a more muted, realistic blue. I used the RGB values
60, 120, 200 (Fig. 16.17).
Figure 16.17 After toning down
the blue in the Surface Color
color swatch.
For the surface of our water, all that's left is to tweak the other
settings to taste. I'm going to increase the Caustics Strength value
very, very gently. Even a value of 1 is high (Fig. 16.18).
Figure 16.18 The water texture
with the Caustics Strength
value at 1.
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