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There's still too much detail here. We want this bottom texture
to look like the texture appearing at the bottom of the pool. With
this much detail, it seems that our water is either an inch deep, or
that it's the purest water known to man. I'm going to increase the
Bottom>Blur value to 10. Now this is starting to look a little like
something that could pass for water (Fig. 16.15).
Figure 16.15 The bottom texture
blurred to its full capacity (10).
This bottom texture is still too opaque and distracting, but
there's not much else we can do for it in the Bottom section. In
order to improve the results, we must now alter the water surface
by adjusting the controls in the Water area. The biggest fl aw here
to me is that this water seems so shallow. You might think that we
could adjust this with the Water>Water Depth value, but the Water
Depth value just increases the contrast of the water ripple. We're
Figure 16.16 The result of
increasing the opacity of the
surface of the water.
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