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chapter. This layer is a grayscale texture that appears as though
someone is dragging their fi nger through gray water (Fig. 16.12).
To use this animation to displace the water's surface, go to the
Water area in the Caustics effect and change the Water Surface
drop down from None to Wave World Precomp. Then we'll see
something that resembles rippling water, although we still have
some way to go before using this professionally (Fig. 16.13).
Figure 16.13 The initial result
after changing the surface of
the water.
With the surface of the water set up, let's now go back to the
bottom of the water and fi x that. First, let's reduce the Scaling
value to 0.1, which will shrink the texture. If the Repeat Mode
value is still set to its default value of Refl ected, the texture will
repeat and refl ect as it shrinks (Fig. 16.14).
Figure 16.14 The bottom texture
scaled down and refl ected.
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