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Let's start at the top. Change the Bottom value in the Bottom
area to the Seattle ferry layer. This creates the illusion that the
Seattle ferry image is at the bottom of the body of water that we are
viewing from the top, or at least it tries to. The results aren't quite
realistic until we change the surface of the water (Fig. 16.11).
Figure 16.11 Using a map for the
Bottom value doesn't really look
convincing until other settings
are adjusted.
We have some light options for the bottom fl oor of our water,
such as the scaling, tiling, and blur options. But let's jump ahead
to the surface of the water, which is the most important com-
ponent in this effect. For the surface of the water, we're going to
be using the Wave World Precomp layer, which is an animated
texture created with the Wave World effect, covered later in this
Figure 16.12 A frame from the
Wave World Precomp layer.
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