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maps, you can jump to the end of this chapter where we look at
the Wave World effect.
Open up the Caustics.aep project from the Chapter 16 folder
of the exercise fi les. As tempting as the Chocolate Caustics comp
might sound, we're going to start in the Caustics Start comp. This
comp contains a solid layer that we'll apply Caustics to, and it also
contains three layers that we'll use as maps. Apply the Caustics
effect to the Caustics Solid layer.
The default settings don't make a signifi cant change to this
blue solid layer. A layer of a different color would appear tinted
blue. This is because the Caustics effect uses the layer it is applied
to as the map of the bottom of the virtual pool, and also uses blue
by default for the surface of the water. So, what may just seem like
a slight blue tint is actually a little more complex.
This effect can be a little overwhelming, but it's actually organized
really well. There are three main areas: Bottom (which determines
the texture on the bottom of the water), Water (which controls the
water's surface), and Sky (which can simulate the sky refl ected on
the surface of the water). There are also Lighting and Material con-
trols to fi ne-tune the end results (Fig. 16.10).
Figure 16.10 The well-organized
Caustics effect controls in the
Effect Controls panel.
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