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Figure 15.8 A simple rectangle
with the Bevel Edges effect
applied to it.
Figure 15.9 Bevel Edges applies
a bevel effect around the edges of
the entire layer.
The Drop Shadow Effect
If there was a Hollywood Walk of Fame for overused effects,
the fi rst effect to win the honor would, without a doubt, be Drop
Shadow, followed closely by Lens Flare. The Drop Shadow effect
adds a shadow to an object (typically underneath it) to create the
illusion that the object is fl oating off the surface. Drop shadows
in general help an object to stand out from its background.
If you'd like some practice, you can open up the project Drop
Shadow.aep from the Chapter 15 folder. Basically we have some
green text on a light gray background. These colors are making
this text harder to read than it should be (Fig. 15.10).
So we're going to take this text and drop shadow it like it's hot.
Apply the Drop Shadow effect to the Drop it ... Outlines layer.
Notice how it instantly makes the text stand out from the back-
ground layer (Fig. 15.11 ).
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