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Tricks with Beveled Layers
Whether you're using the more powerful Bevel and Emboss layer style effect, or one of these bevel effects, the beveling
effect is great for subtle text effects like our example here because you can animate something simple like the Light Angle, or
maybe use a wiggle expression to control the Light Intensity value. Another idea is to apply a composition light to a layer with
a bevel effect. The bevel effect (whether it's an effect or a layer style) will not respond to the light. Normally, this would be
terrible, but in this case, areas of the beveled object that are in the dark will still show a subtle highlight. It's a cool effect. See
Fig. 15.7 for an example of the bevel effect still visible in the dark.
Light Intensity increases the contrast of the highlights and shadows
of the bevel. This is good to use when you want to create the illusion
that there is brighter light shining on an object (Fig. 15.7).
Figure 15.7 The layer with Bevel
Alpha and a composition light
applied. Notice that the effect
does not respect the light, making
it glow in the dark.
The Bevel Edges Effect
For the Bevel Edges effect, I'm going to open up the Bevel
Edges.aep project in the Chapter 15 folder. It's just a simple rect-
angular shape layer if you'd prefer to create it from scratch. Once
you apply the Bevel Edges effect to this fl at rectangle, you'll see
that this is a much more intense chisel-type bevel than what we
saw with the Bevel Alpha effect (Fig. 15.8).
The four properties available with the Bevel Edges effect are
the exact same properties available with the Bevel Alpha effect
and they do the same thing, so I won't recap them here.
But I will point out a signifi cant difference between these two
bevel effects. The difference is in their name. Bevel Alpha bevels
an object around its alpha channel. The Bevel Edges effect curi-
ously bevels the edges of the entire layer. Figure 15.9 shows what
happens when we apply Bevel Edges to the text in the BEVEL
ME composition (also included in the Bevel Edges project for
Making Buttons
This chiseled
bevel look is
great for creating
buttons, say for DVD
output. This is becoming
much more common
because Adobe Encore
CS4 (which integrates with
After Effects) can create
Flash movies in addition
to optical media, such as
DVD and Blu-ray.
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