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Figure 15.2 The fi nal 3D Glasses
Figure 15.3 After creating the
anaglyphic effect. Now you just
need some 3D glasses and some
fi nd in the Chapter 15 folder if you'd like to play along here.
Essentially all we have here is some text that has been converted
to a shape layer (Fig. 15.4 ).
Apply the Bevel Alpha effect to the BEVEL ME Outlines layer.
Immediately, you'll notice the highlights and shadows around the
edges of the layer that give the illusion of 3D depth (Fig. 15.5).
The four properties this effect has are quite simple. Edge
Thickness controls how large the “bevel” is, although the effect
starts to kind of fall apart when you increase it too much. The shad-
ows and highlights start to overlap in unnatural ways (Fig. 15.6).
Light Angle controls what direction the light is shining from.
This can be animated to create the illusion that a moving light is
being shined on the layer.
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