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You might have noticed some rough edges also. You can
increase the Feather value to smooth those out. However, this
usually doesn't do the job completely. You'll probably also want
to apply an effect like the Simple Choker effect (discussed in
Chapter 11) to fi nish cleaning up those edges (Fig. 2.26).
Figure 2.26 The matte is slightly
cleaner with a little bit of edge
feathering. Here, I took the
Feather value to a modest 1. The
results are slightly improved, but
nowhere near perfect.
Isolating objects is a great feature of not only the ID Matte
effect but of 3D channels in general. In Fig. 2.27, I added some
red solids with Gradient Overlay layer styles as a background,
painted a shadow, duplicated the car layer to use it as its own
refl ection, and warped the refl ection into place with the Bezier
Warp effect (discussed in Chapter 7).
Figure 2.27 Isolating the
car allows us to use it as an
independent object.
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