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the jitter properties here, they will autoanimate. The number you
input for jitter determines the range of how much jittered values
are allowed to randomize.
￿ Baseline Jitter Max: randomizes baseline shift for each
character. This is like making all the characters jump up
and down independently.
Kerning Jitter Max: randomizes the kerning of all characters
(tracking). Use this to randomize the space between char-
acters, as if your text was caught in a big texty mosh pit.
￿ Rotation Jitter Max: randomizes rotation for each char-
acter. Note that each character rotates around the layer's
anchor point. This is another big advantage of text layer
animation—each character can rotate around its own
anchor point. But this is not the case here.
￿ Scale Jitter Max: randomizes the size of each character.
As with rotation, the characters scale out from the layer's
anchor point.
Fig. 13.10 shows my fi nal result with this effect after changing
the font, the shape of the path, the Paragraph properties, and the
Jitter Settings properties.
Figure 13.10 After adjusting the
jitter values and other properties,
my text has a life of its own. And
all of this animates without any
Look folks, at the end of the day, we all know that the animation
on text layers offers far more control and power than anything we
could do with the Path Text effect. But many times, we just want
to do something very quickly and text layer animation is just too
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