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smooth it out a little bit by taking down the Speed value and
increasing the Stability value. But those properties only allow
you a minimal amount of control. This brings us to the fi nal
point about this effect—in most cases, it's better to use Advanced
Lightning (in the Generate category).
The Path Text Effect
Like Basic Text, the Path Text effect used to be in the Text cat-
egory. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this effect being
labeled as obsolete. This is without question the best of the
Obsolete effects, and if text animation in After Effects intimidates
you, the Path Text effect can be a great asset. It's almost like the
Path Text effect is the Cliff Notes version of the entire text anima-
tion engine, with additional built-in path tools.
When you fi rst apply the effect (again to a layer, like a solid,
because it is an effect), you are greeted with a watered down ver-
sion of the Edit Text dialog box we saw with Basic Text. And, as
with Basic Text, you also can only edit text in the Path Text effect
by clicking the same Edit Text button at the top of this effect in
the Effect Controls panel.
However, after entering text and clicking OK, we quickly see
how powerful this effect can be, just by the sheer volume of
parameters here. Also, in the Composition panel, we notice that
the Path Text has also created a Bezier path for our text to exist
on. The path also has nice big circles around the anchor points
and the handles, which are also effect control points (Fig. 13.7).
Figure 13.7 The Path Text
effect creates its own path
In the Path Options area, you can change the Shape Type value
to a circle or a straight line. Or, you can use the Custom Path
value in this area to choose a mask that you've created on the
layer you've applied the Path Text effect to.
The next several options are fairly self-explanatory, so I'm
going to skip down to the Paragraph properties. With the default
settings, the Left Margin property determines how many pixels
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