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Figure 13.5 The lightning project
thus far.
I then added a CC Radial Fast Blur effect, followed by a Glow.
I really liked the silky texture I got with this. It kind of reminded
me of those ribbons of mineral deposits you see in rocks in Las
Vegas gift shops (Fig. 13.6 ).
Figure 13.6 The lightning after
CC Radial Fast Blur and Glow.
My beef with the result now is that it is too subtle. It appears
faded and washed out. So, to achieve the fi nal result seen in
Fig. 13.4, I added an adjustment layer, and added a Levels effect, a
Curves effect, and a Color Balance effect. These helped to punch
the contrast and color.
Even though this looks soft and pretty, the animation built
into the Lightning effect will make this jagged and wild. We can
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