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Figure 13.3 The quality
of Lightning (on the left) is
signifi cantly different than that of
Advanced Lightning (on the right).
fi ddled around a bit with the Lightning effect. And by now, you've
probably guessed that I just love coming up with interesting artis-
tic patterns. So, I'll briefl y give you the gist of what I did to come
up with the image shown in Fig. 13.4.
Figure 13.4 This is what
happens when you cross too
much free time with the Lightning
I started with the Lightning effect and a solid background with
a simple radial gradient. In the Lightning effect, I took down the
Width and Core Width settings to their minimal values to shrink
the lightning. I increase the Segments and Amplitude values to
create lines that look more like graffi ti than lightning. I duplicated
the Lightning effect three times. And moved their Start Point an
End Point positions to cover the screen (Fig. 13.5).
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