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Figure 13.2 The old text entry
dialog box, circa late 1990's, still
seen in many text effects today.
Conservation efforts are needed,
as these dialog boxes are near
So why would you ever want to use this effect? I can only think
of one reason. If you want to animate the tracking of a word (the
horizontal spacing between all characters), it is a little easier to
do with the Basic Text effect than it is with the powerful and com-
plex text animation engine in After Effects. Of course, if you know
what you're doing, then the text animation engine will yield much
better results because of its amount of controls. But this might be
good if you're just getting started.
The Lightning Effect
The Lightning effect creates lightning, as does the Advanced
Lightning effect. One of the big differences between them is that
Lightning autoanimates, and Advanced Lightning must be ani-
mated manually. Another big difference is in the quality of the
lightning. And the Advanced Lightning effect allows you to use
the alpha channel with the lightning it creates. Fig. 13.3 shows
both types of lightning at their default values.
Obviously the quality of the Advanced Lightning effect is far
superior to the Lightning effect when going for realistic lightning.
But what if you're going for something else? What about a quick
spark? Lightning may be able to get a suitable job done faster,
depending on the type of spark you're looking for.
I also like that the Lightning effect animates so wildly. In the
Lightning.aep project, you'll fi nd in the Chapter 13 folder, I've
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