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With the ID Matte effect selected in the Effect Controls panel,
you can click on different objects to isolate them. Or if you've
used the 3D Channel Extract effect to fi nd out an object's ID, you
can just type the object ID number into the ID Selection value.
I'm going to type in a value of 2, which is the object ID for the
yellow car in the front. This isolates the car and removes all other
objects (Fig. 2.24).
If you wanted to keep the entire garage scene and create a
hole where the car is, you can select its object ID, and then select
Invert (Fig. 2.25).
Figure 2.24 Using the ID Matte
effect we can isolate objects,
such as this car.
Figure 2.25 Selecting Invert
will keep the garage scene and
remove the car.
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