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Figure 12.73 The image with the
Noise Samples visible (the little
white squares).
Viewing Mode to Final Output to see the results of the effect on
your entire image. Although I could've done more with sharpen-
ing and fi ne-tuning to preserve details, even the rough results are
very impressive (Fig. 12.74 ).
The Turbulent Noise Effect
The Turbulent Noise effect, introduced in After Effects CS4 is
almost identical to the Fractal Noise effect. It was created to have
a more advanced noise pattern so that the results could be more
organic. When using this effect for the fi rst time, After Effects vet-
erans may notice how much faster it renders than Fractal Noise.
That is because this effect is GPU accelerated. However, in After
Effects CS4, the Fractal Noise effect was updated to be GPU accel-
erated as well.
The major difference between the Turbulent Noise effect and
the Fractal Noise effect is that the former does not allow you to
create seamlessly looped patterns. The ability to cycle evolutions is
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