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Figure 12.67 The Noise HLS.aep
increase the Lightness value to create grayscale noise, and increase
Saturation to boost the saturation of the hue noise. In this exam-
ple, I'll increase both the Hue and Lightness values to 5. This will
add a moderate amount of noise, balanced between black and
white noise, and colored noise. You can add as much noise as you
want in each channel (up to 1000%) (Fig. 12.68).
As with the Noise Alpha effect, there is a noise drop down. The
default is Uniform, but you can also select Squared, which creates
noise with more contrast. The third option in this drop down is
Grain. This creates larger splotches of noise, which are more like
the grain seen on fi lm (Fig. 12.69 ).
Figure 12.68 Increasing the Hue
and Lightness properties to 5
creates a small amount of noise
that has an even smaller amount
of colored noise.
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