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Figure 12.65 Changing the
Original Alpha value to Add
allows the Noise Alpha effect to
put noise in the alpha channel of
the layer.
Figure 12.66 After blurring the
layer with the Fast Blur effect and
changing the Original Alpha value
to Edges creates alpha noise in
the edges of the layer only. Note
that the layer here is zoomed to
Saturation. They represent the parameters you can alter to con-
trol the noise created by this effect. Another valuable advantage
of this effect is that it allows you to control the size of the noise.
Open the project Noise HLS.aep from the Chapter 12 folder of
the exercise fi les (Fig. 12.67 ).
Apply the Noise HLS effect (not the Noise HLS Auto effect) to
this bird image. Notice that there is no simple slider arrangement
to adjust amount of noise here. The way we add noise with this
effect is adding it to the hue of the image (with the Hue property),
or to the lightness of the image (with the Lightness property), or
to the saturation of the image (with the Saturation property).
Put more simply, increase the Hue value to create colored noise,
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