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a mask on the precomposed noise layer to remove the parts of
noise that overlap the boy's head (Fig. 12.59).
Finally, we can use the Noise effect to generate patterns. First,
apply the Noise effect to a black solid layer, increase Amount of
Noise to 100%, and deselect both Use Color Noise and Clip Result
Values. Next, apply the Directional Blur effect with the Direction
value set at 90 degrees and the Blur Length value at 120. Polish
this off with a Curves or Levels adjustment, if desired. When
complete, you should have a standard brushed metal texture
(Fig. 12.60 ).
We can also create a cool looking star vortex with the same set-
tings in the Noise effect. With the Directional Blur effect deleted
(or turned off ), apply the CC Radial Fast Blur effect (the default
Figure 12.59 Taking the blend
mode of the noise layer to Overlay
blends it into our scene, and
allows the highlights in the TV to
show through.
Figure 12.60 The brushed metal
texture created with the Noise
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