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Figure 2.22 After reducing the
Fog Opacity value to 25%, the
results are much more believable.
Figure 2.23 Here, the Fog
Start Depth and Fog End Depth
properties have been adjusted to
isolate the fog to the outdoors.
This would look a lot cooler if we
didn't have a bright blue sky in the
background, but you get the idea.
The ID Matte Effect
The ID Matte effect can use either object IDs or material IDs
to isolate objects or to remove them. This is helpful if you would
like to use one element from an entire scene. In this case, we're
going to isolate the car on the left-hand side using its object ID.
It's quick. It's easy. It beats the heck out of rotoscoping.
Open the 3D.aep project from the Chapter 2 folder. Apply the ID
Matte effect to the 3D garage scene. Since this scene was not set
up with material IDs (and it was meticulously set up with object
IDs), we'll leave the Aux. Channel drop down set to Object ID.
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