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Figure 12.57 The image of kids
and a TV.
distort it to the size of the TV. In the Noise effect settings, increase
the Amount of Noise value to 100%, deselect Use Color Noise,
and deselect Clip Result Values. This creates a result identical to
that seen in Fig. 12.55. Next, apply the Corner Pin effect. Grab the
four-corner Effect Control points in the Corner Pin effect, and
drag them in to match the four corners of the TV set (Fig. 12.58).
Figure 12.58 Distort the edges
of the noise layer with the Corner
Pin effect, so that the noise layer
roughly matches the TV screen.
I realize that this looks pretty weak. We're going to go for a
quick fi x here. Just take the noise layer into the Overlay blend
mode (in the Timeline panel). Notice that this still creates noise
over the head of the boy in front. To add fi nishing touches to this,
I precompose the noise layer, apply the Bezier Warp effect to cre-
ate a pincushion distortion to the edges of the noise layer (so
that it more fully matches the edges of the TV ), and then fashion
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