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Figure 12.55 Deselecting Clip
Result Values creates more
contrasty noise.
Images folder in the Media folder of the exercise fi les. I'm going
to apply the Noise effect directly to this image. I'll increase the
Amount of Noise value to 8%, and leave the other settings as they
are. This will create color noise, but at this low Amount of Noise
value, the colored noise will provide the perfect amount of varia-
tion in it (Fig. 12.56 ).
Figure 12.56 Applying the Noise
effect at low noise levels can
create fairly believable fi lm grain.
Next, let's use the Noise effect to create animated TV noise.
I have an image here of some kids next to a TV that is turned off
(Fig. 12.57 ).
Next, I'll create a new black solid layer and apply the Noise
effect to it. We're putting it on a separate layer so that we can
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