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Figure 12.48 Zoomed in, you can
see the default noise better.
fi lm grain (it has video noise and compression artifacts instead),
it still applies the same type of noise to the garage scene. The
effect is a subtle splotchy effect, but most grain additions should
not be blatant or obvious. This creates a more acceptable com-
posite (Fig. 12.49).
Figure 12.49 The garage scene
with the grain matched to the
noise on the layer with Paavo. The
effect is subtle, but is much better
than a perfectly clean post.
The Median Effect
The Median effect might do a little better in the Stylize cate-
gory. It looks at pixels in a given radius, and makes them all the
average (median) color. The result can smooth noise, I guess. But,
it really just makes things look smoother in an artsy kinda way.
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