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Figure 12.46 Smoke and fog are
textures that are often created
with the Fractal Noise effect.
Figure 12.47 The Match Grain.aep
our pristine 3D garage scene the noise applied here is just too
much (Fig. 12.48).
The options here in the Match Grain effect are identical to
those we saw in the Add Grain effect earlier in this chapter.
Because of that, I won't discuss them again here. The main dif-
ference is the Noise Source Layer drop down. This is where you
choose a layer with the noise you want the current layer to match.
We've applied the Match Grain effect to the clean garage scene in
the hope of applying to it the same noise from the Paavo balanc-
ing layer. So, from the Noise Source Layer drop down, choose the
Paavo balancing layer. Even though the Paavo layer doesn't have
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