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Figure 12.44 Another creepy
texture. This one would be great
as a luma matte.
Figure 12.45 Spattered mud or
have the video of my friend Paavo on his unicycle in the center
(depth wise), and half of the garage scene in front of him, and the
other half of the garage scene behind him. Ideally, we'd apply the
Match Grain effect to the elements in front of Paavo, and behind
him. But for now, we'll just apply the Match Grain effect to the
garage scene behind him (a.k.a layer 3). Because this grain is dif-
fi cult to discern, I'm going to zoom in to 400%. I'm also going to
move the Preview Region over to the teal colored post next to
Paavo. There is default noise applied, but it doesn't really match
the video noise on the Paavo layer. Although, it does already look
like a better composite because it adds some real world dirt to
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