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Figure 12.42 It's diffi cult to
see in a still frame, but this an
animated 3D city fl yover. Using
Perspective Offset, you can create
what appears to be multiple
animated layers of noise.
Figure 12.43 Creepy textures like
this are common applications of
Fractal Noise.
The Match Grain Effect
The Match Grain effect is another Noise & Grain powerhouse.
Like the Add Grain effect, the purpose here is to create noise (fi lm
grain). The difference is that the Match Grain effect takes it a step
further and tries to analyze the grain on another layer recreate it
on the current layer.
Open the Match Grain.aep project from the Chapter 12 folder
of the exercise fi les. This is a project revisited from Chapter 2
(Fig. 12.47 ).
If you went through the effects in Chapter 2 , you might
remember that we made a sandwich of sorts with this comp. We
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