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Figure 2.20 The fog pattern
created with the Fractal
Noise effect.
One of the things that is making this fog seem so fake is its
density. Let's reduce the Fog Opacity value to 25%. This will cre-
ate a smoky area in the back of the garage and will look a little
more believable than what we've seen with this effect so far. We
can also lower the Scattering Density value to make the fog less
thick (Fig. 2.22).
The real benefi t of the Fog 3D effect is that we can adjust the
Z-depth of the fog with the Fog Start Depth and Fog End Depth
parameters. These properties can also be animated to create the
effect of fog rolling in (Fig. 2.23).
Figure 2.21 After selecting the
fractal fog pattern in the Gradient
Layer and increasing the Layer
Contribution value to 60, we have
more believable fog.
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