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Figure 12.36 Taking the Contrast
value to 1100, you can see the
fi nal result of changing the
Overfl ow drop down to Wrap
Deselect Uniform Scaling, and then move the Scale Width value
to 170, and the Scale Height value to 20. We now have a texture
that looks a little like grayscale water (Fig. 12.37).
Figure 12.37 The grayscale
water texture.
Now all that's left is to add color. This time, I'm going to col-
orize this by applying the Color Balance effect. I'll take all of the
red values to −100, and increase some of the green and blur val-
ues to taste. After experimenting with these values for a while, I
determined that there was too much brightness. So, I reduced the
Brightness value in the Fractal Noise effect to −20. Notice how the
Wrap Back setting creates realistic highlights on the crests of the
waves in our fi nal result (Fig. 12.38).
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