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Figure 12.34 The water texture
up to now.
black when darkened. Soft Clamp equalizes all luminance values,
creating very dull, low contrast textures (Fig. 12.35).
The Overfl ow value we really want for this water is Wrap Back.
This creates interesting patterns. When you have bright textures,
and you brighten them further, Wrap Back causes these values to
wrap back to black. Changing the Overfl ow value to Wrap Back
won't cause any obvious change. To see what it does, I'm going to
temporarily increase the Contrast value to an astronomical 1100
(Fig. 12.36 ).
This ultra high contrast was only a means to demonstrate
the Wrap Back method of overfl ow. Leaving the Overfl ow value
set to Wrap Back, move the Contrast value to 130, and adjust
the Brightness value to 60. Then, open up the Transform area.
Figure 12.35 The water texture
with Soft Clamp as the value for
the Overfl ow property.
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