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Figure 12.32 Reducing the
Complexity value to 4 creates
smoother fl ames.
Figure 12.33 The fi nal fl ame
after precomposing the solid
layer, and then applying a
feathered mask.
Change the Fractal Type to Smeary. Change the Noise Type
to Spline. Select the Invert checkbox. Take the Complexity value
down to 2. We've still got some more adjusting to do, but we've
already got something that looks like caustics on the bottom of a
pool (Fig. 12.34).
Now, we're going to look at the Overfl ow drop down. This deter-
mines what happens to values at the top and bottom of the spec-
trum (e.g., white and black) when they are lightened or darkened,
respectively. HDR results allows super white and super black
values. Clip creates a luminance ceiling, and highlights that are
brightened and fl atten out to white, and shadows that fl atten to
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