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Transforming the Sub Layers
The properties in the Transform area allow you to transform the entire fractal pattern. However, if you open the Sub Settings
area, you'll see another set of transform properties. These refer to the sub layers of noise. The Sub Infl uence value, for example,
refers to the opacity of the sub layers. You can animate these sub layers by using the Sub Offset parameter. Or else, you can
offset these sub layers in perspective by selecting the Perspective Offset parameter in the Transform category, and then adjusting
Offset Turbulence. This creates a parallax effect with the noise layers. This can also allow for animation when you don't want to
adjust the texture with the Evolution property. You can also use Offset Turbulence to create the illusion of forces acting on your
texture. Animating the Y-axis of Offset Turbulence, for example, can create the illusion of the fl ames rising.
Figure 12.31 After deselecting
Uniform Scaling, you can reduce
the width and increase the height
of the fi re.
This is looking pretty good, but there's a little too much texture
in the fi re for my liking. I'm trying to create a match fl ame-type
fi re. Then, how do we reduce texture? That's right. Reduce the
Complexity value. I'm going to reduce the Complexity value to 4
(Fig. 12.32 ).
Now that we're in the ballpark here, you can adjust Evolution,
Offset Turbulence (the Fractal Noise equivalent of a Position
property), Contrast, and Brightness to taste. Once you're done,
you can create a mask to isolate a fl ame if you'd like. Note that if
you want to feather the mask applying the Colorama effect, you'll
probably want to recompose the solid layer before creating the
mask (Fig. 12.33).
Let's look at one more recipe, this time for fractal water. I want
to start from scratch here, so I'm going to create a brand new
solid. I'm then going to apply the Fractal Noise effect to this. Since
we've got the hang of this by now, I'm going to go a little faster.
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