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In the Fractal Noise settings in the Effect Controls panel,
change the Fractal Type to Dynamic Twist (Fig. 12.29).
Next, take the Contrast value up to 250, and the Brightness
value down to −40. This creates more black, maintains the con-
trast in our fl ames, and makes this texture look like fl ames
instead of a big mass of fi ery nothingness (Fig. 12.30).
Next, open up the Transform controls and uncheck the
Uniform Scaling option. You will then be able to adjust the Scale
Width and Scale Height properties (as opposed to just the Scale
property), which scales the width and height proportionately.
Adjust the Scale Width property down to 80, and the Scale Height
property to about 700. This creates narrow, tall fi re (Fig. 12.31).
Figure 12.29 The texture with
the Fractal Type drop down set to
Dynamic Twist.
Figure 12.30 The texture after
increasing contrast and reducing
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