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Figure 12.27 Checking the Invert
checkbox creates a completely
different texture.
Now it's time to look at the Transform options. Fractal Noise
allows us to scale, rotate, move, and perform other transforma-
tions to our texture. These will come in handy as you try to create
specifi c looks. We'll use them now to create fi re from scratch with
the Fractal Noise effect.
Let's start over once again. Click the Reset button at the top of
the Fractal Noise effect in the Effect Controls panel. This time,
delete the Tritone effect. In its stead, apply the Colorama effect
(dealt with back in Chapter 6). In the Output Cycle area of the
Colorama effect, you'll fi nd a Use Preset Palette drop down. Change
the Use Preset Palette value to Fire. This will use fi ery colors, which
will help make our fi re texture more believable (Fig. 12.28).
Figure 12.28 The default Fractal
Noise settings, with the Colorama
effect applied. Kinda looks like
a freeze frame from a Lethal
Weapon movie.
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