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Figure 12.25 Increasing the
Contrast value to 200 makes the
brainy texture more intense.
Our brain texture looks pretty good. But, what if I wanted only
subtle hints of the brain? By decreasing the Brightness value,
we increase the black areas in the pattern. Don't worry. I won't
lose contrast. If I darken things too much and want to restore
some highlights, while maintaining the amount of black areas, I
increase the Contrast property some more (Fig. 12.26).
So, it's safe to say that Brightness didn't act exactly as we
thought it might. Another parameter that has a similar surprise
up its sleeve is the Invert checkbox (immediately below the Noise
Type drop down). You might think that checking Invert would
simply fl ip black and colored areas. Not exactly. In fact, the results
in this case produce a texture that might remind you of neurons,
or something in the cosmos (Fig. 12.27).
Figure 12.26 Decreasing the
Brightness value adds a lot of
black to the fi nal result, while still
maintaining good contrast.
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