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Figure 12.23 Reset Fractal Noise
and change the Midtones value in
the Tritone effect to red.
We're going to look at the Contrast and Brightness values, and
the difference they make. And, we're going to be creating a gory
brain-like texture in the process. Take the Fractal Type drop down
to Dynamic (Fig. 12.24 ).
Figure 12.24 The brainy texture
with the Dynamic fractal type.
Usually, I steer clear of effects that have a built-in set of bright-
ness or contrast controls (such as Hue/Saturation). I prefer to
make such luminance adjustments only with tools meant for the
job, like Curves and Levels. But, I make a marked exception with
the Brightness and Contrast controls in Fractal Noise.
Now I need to get more intensity into my brain, so I'm going to
increase the Contrast value to 200 (Fig. 12.25).
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