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pattern to life with the Evolution parameter. Whether you've
created squares, or fi re, or water, or fog—they all spring to life
with the Evolution parameter. I can't fully demonstrate in a book
the organic animation created with this property. But, notice how
different the size and colors of these squares are by just increas-
ing the Evolution parameter (Fig. 12.21).
What if you wanted to create a pattern like this, but with fewer
squares? Easy! Just reduce the Complexity value (Fig. 12.22).
Figure 12.21 Adjusting the
Evolution value completely
changes the pattern.
Figure 12.22 Reducing the
Complexity value to 1 creates a
simpler pattern.
Let's hit that Reset button again to start over. I'm also going
to change the Midtones color in the Tritone effect to a deep red
color (Fig. 12.23).
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